Accessorial Services
Services performed in addition to the usual transportation services, such as storage, special assembly, customs exams, etc
An independent moving company.
Air Containers
Lightweight container utilized on air shipments. Containers are designed to fit the contour of the aircraft.
Air Freight Forwarder
An indirect air carrier who receives freight from shippers under his own tariff, usually consolidating it into larger units which he tenders to the airlines. (Airlines are referred to as direct carriers)
Air Waybill (AWB)
A contract for air transportation and receipt of goods to be shipped. The air carrier must deliver the shipment to the consigned named on the AWB.
Appliance Service
Performed by a third party or agent to disconnect or connect major appliances safley.
Additional transportation charge assessed on ocean freight for oncarriage to cities which are not major ports of call or are land locked.
Arrival Notice
A notice to the consignee advising that freight has arrived in port.
Auxiliary Service
A service charged accessed when Standard equipment cannot reach the door to the residence. This will create a shuttle from a smaller truck to the larger truck.
A metal strapping material used to secure the sides of a liftvans or to attach a crate to a pallet.
Bill of Lading
Document which is a contract for transportation between the shipper/customer and the carrier/forwarder.
Bonded Goods
A security bond is posted on items that have not cleared customs but may need to move inland from the port for customs clearance. The security bond will normally be returned upon customs clearance of goods.
Bonded Warehouse
A building for storing goods authorized by customs officials until removal upon customs clearance or payment of duties and taxes.
One who acts as an agent for others.
Arrangements with a carrier, often steamship or airline, for accepting carrying freight. A reservation for space.
Booking Number
A number assigned to a contract when booked with a steamship line. An identification reference used on bills and correspondence.
Plywood wall created to prevent shifting in load when moving water or rail.
Refers to cargo packed in liftvans which does not fill up a container load.
Broker, Customs
Intermediaries licensed by customs to handle routine work involved in making customs entries.
Brokerage License
Authority granted by Interstate Commerce Commission to arrange the transportation of persons or property in interstate commerce.
Bubble Pack
Type of packing materials used to wrap furniture.
Platform or wall secured in a steamhip container after the goods are loaded to prevent them from shifting to the unused portion of the container during transport.
Bunker Surcharge (BSC)
Additional charge assessed on base rate of ocean freight for increasing/adjusting fuel costs. Also refereed to as a fuel surcharge.
C.I.F. (Cost, Insurance, Freight)
The purchase price includes the cost of the merchandise, insurance and transporation expense.
Collect on Delivery (Certified Check or Money Order)
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