Carrier Liability
The total dollar amount for which the carrier is liable in the event of loss or damage.
Carrier Packed
All articles packed by Agent
The hauling of freight by a motor vehicle.
Certificate of Origin
A certified statement showing where goods originated.
Certificate of Weight
An authoritative statement of the weight of the shipment.
Filed by shipper/customer upon damage or loss noted at time of delivery. This would be filed with the carrier or insured company on record.
Article shipped
Commodity Rate
The rate pblished to apply to a specific article or articles.
Concealed Damage
Damage that is not evident from viewing an uponed package.
The person, firm or representative to which a shipper send merchandise.
Merchandise shipped to a foreign agent or customer when an actual purchase has not been made. Under an agreement obliging the consignee to pay the consignor for the goods when sold.
The shipper who forwards the goods.
Putting serveral shipments in one container, either loose-loaded or in liftvans.
A government official representing his country in foreign locations.
Consular Documents
Bill of lading, certificates of origin. or special forms of invoice, to which has been added the signature of the consul of the country of designation.
Consular Invoice
A detailed statement of goods shipped, certified by the consul at the point of origin.
The standard steamship container. Regularly sizes 20', 40', 40' high cube, 45' and 53'.
Container Freight Station (CFS)
Container is shipped from warehouse at exit port to warehouse at destination port.
Container on Flatcar (COFC)
The transporation for a container without chassis (no wheels) on a railroad flatcar.
Container Pool
Supply of steamship containers maintained by the steamship companies in major cities.
Container Yard (CY)
Container shipped from container yard at exit port to container yard at destination port.
The loading of prepacked goods in an exterior shipping container for movement in that container from point of loading to overseas destination.
Contract Number
The identification number assigned by your Transportation Service Provider.
The person assigned to coordinate and supervise the relocation.
Exterior box built around an actual piece of furniture.
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