Cubic Measurement of space utilized by the shipment. Cubic Feet is determined by LxWxH divided by 1728.
Cube Sheet
A form containing articles and cubic feet for each article. Used to calculate total space for shipment.
Cubic Meter
Formula: cubic feet divided by 35.3147
Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF)
Additional charge assessed on base ocean freight rate to cover any devaluation of the dollar.
Custom House Broker
A firm licensed by the Treasury Department to consitute an entry to clear goods on behalf of a shipper.
Customs Documents
For US Customs this would include a 3299 Declaration of Free Entry. For Foreign locations contact your coordinator for information or see LINKS on this web site.
Customs Entry
Statement of the kinds, quantities and value of goods imported together with duties due, if any, declared before a customs office.
Declared Value
The value of the shipment as declared by the customer/client in writing.
Delivery Date
Dates Goods are delivered to the customer/client.
Delivery Service
The act of delivering goods to the customer/client, generally by local destination agent.
Dock rent assessed on steamship containers if not picked up withing the allotted free time.
Relationship between the weight and measure of a shipment. Formula: Net weight divided by cubic feet.
Depreciated Value Protection (DVP)
Coverage for cost of your goods, minus depreciation: based on age and condition.
Destination Agent
Local agent/moving & storage company contract to deliver goods to customer/client.
Charges assessed by steamship company or railroad for keeping steamship container beyond alloted time.
Length, Width and Height of each container.
Direct Delivery
Delivery of household goods direct to customer/client residence.
A change made in the route of a shipment in transit (see Reconsignment).
Dock Receipt
Document issued by the carrier/transportation provider to the trucker. Document includes instructions and shipment information needed for delivery to a pier/dock.
Coordinated shipment from origin residence pickup to delivery at destination residence.
The hauling of containers from one place to another.
Waste materials as filler to prevent furniture from shifting during move.
A customs duty is a tariff or tax on the import of or export of goods
The charge assessed by the government on shipments imported/exported.
A carrier or regulatory body order restricting the handling of specific types of freight.
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