Net Ton
2000 lbs. Also called short ton.
Net Weight
The actual weight of the shipment. Not inclusive of crates or packing material.
Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)
Company servicing international shipments that do not operate their own vessels, but contract space with vessl operating carriers.
Ocean Bill of Lading (OBL)
Contract with steamship company used to transport shipment from port of exit to port of entry. Possession of the OBL may be necessary to claims the shipment at its destination location.
Origin Agent
An independent moving & storage company contracted to perform origin services such as: estimate, pickup, packing or crating.
Packed by Carrier (PBC)
Articles in shipment have been packed by origin carrier.
Packed by Owner (P.B.O.)
Articles packed by owner and not packed by origin carrier. You cannot have PBO articles in an International shipment. All items must be packed by contracted carrier.
Services provided at origin to wrap, box or pad effects for safe transport.
Packing Date
Date arranged between carrier and client for the packing of shipment. Depending on the size of the shipment may be a day or two prior to loading.
Wooden container used to store shipments in a warehouse.
Paper Pads
Variable ply paper used to wrap furniture for safe transport.
Per Diem
Storage charges incurred when steamship container is not returned to steamship company and/or railroad within alloted free time.
Permanent Storage
Shipment storing at origin/destination point for longer than 180 days.
Piggy Back
Something that is riding on the back of something else.
Pre-Move Survey
Determination in advance of pickup date, of the nature, quantity and volume of goods to be shipped, the materials required for packing and containerizing, and the personnel and equipment needed to do the job.
A restraint placd on an operation to protect the public against a health hazard. A ship or shipment may be quarantined so that it cannot leave a protected location.
The act of changing bill of lading provisions as to consignee or destination while shipment is still in transit.
Replacement Cost
The cost of replacing goods that are damaged, lost or stolen with similar/like goods.
Roll-On/Roll Off (Ro-Ro)
Vessel which loads and unloads cargo by rolling it on and off the vessels.
The avenue by which a shipment moves from origin to destination.
A Metal seal on the container doors to protect contents. Paper seals applied to Liftvans to determine that the seal has not been broken from point of origin to delivery.
Ships Manifest
A statement listing the particulars on all shipments loaded onto one ship for a specified voyage.
Short Ton
2000 pounds
Shuttle Service
Service performed when the Container/Trailer cannot reach the residence. Smaller vans will shuttle the goods from the door of the residence to the Container/Trailer.
To position container at origin/destination for loading or unloading.
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