Steamship Container
Reinforced metal, fiberglass and/or wooden unit. Standard sizes 20', 40', 40' high cube, 45' or 53' in some domestic traffic lanes such as Puerto Rico.
Storage in Transit
Placement of a shipment into storage temporarily. Must not be more than 180 days but may occur at origin or destination - or a combination of the two.
A marine term referring to the careful loading of freight into the holds of ships.
Term used to describe the unloading of a steamship container.
Term used to describe the loading of a steamship container.
Tare Weight
Weight of empty container into which household goods are loaded.
A publication setting forth the charges, rates and rules for transportation.
Heavy cardboard box utilized on air shipments. See Air Container.
Type II Container
Originally a type of liftvan procured by the U.S. Government. The term is commonly applied to containers (wooden liftvans) which meet DOD specifications.
Unloading of goods from a steamship container. See Stripping.
Vacis Exam
US Customs exam which includes x-raying the steamship container at port.
Volume Weight
Chargeable weight created by how much space is being used.
A place for the reception, delivery, consolidation, distribution and storage of goods.
Warehouse Handling Charge
A charge applicable when a shipment is placed into storage. This is a one time handling charge for taking the shipment into and out of storage.
Weight Ticket
A document/certificate produced by a certified scale to show the weight of a shipment.
Additional dock charge asessed on ocean freight for handling on the wharf.
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