Tips for International Moving

    Get rid of everything you don?t need ? Relocation expenses are based on the volume of goods you ship. Therefore, if you have not used it in the last year, you do not want to ship it.

    While you are going thru your items ? make a list of all items over $100.00 in replacement costs.

             This list will prove valuable if you are taking out Liability insurance on your move as all items must be noted with replacement values.

    Create a folder for all important documents that should not pack in your move.

a.       Birth and Marriage certificates

b.      Personal identification and Drivers License

c.       Medical records

d.      Passports and identification records

e.      Insurance documents

f.        Legal and financial documents

g.       School and immunization records

h.      Veterinary records

i.         Wills and Stock certificates

j.        Backed up computer disks

    Check the voltage restrictions for your destination country as this information may guide you in determining items that you move or don?t move.

 Back up all computer files on a disk. Take all back up disks with you.

     Contact the Embassy for all permits required at destination. Work permits, residency permits, etc. These can take several months to obtain in some areas.

    Dispose of all items designated hazardous or non-transportable such as:

a.       Flammables

b.      Cleaning fluids

c.       Acids

d.      Aerosol cans

e.      Weed killer

f.        Oil

g.       Paint

h.      Thinner

i.         plants 

    Clean all equipment of dirt:

a.       Garden tools

b.      Bicycles

c.       Vacuum cleaners

    If shipping motorized vehicles, lawnmowers, boats, automobiles, etc

a.       All such items will need batteries disconnected

b.      Gas tanks drained

    DO NOT ship valuables such as:

a.       Important papers and sentimental items

b.      Jewelry

c.       Coins