What to expect during your move:

   1.    Before Packers arrive ensure that all  appliances have been serviced as needed.

   2.   When the Packers arrive at your residence.

          a. Point out to the Packers - Fragile or Special needs items
          b. Items that should not be packed (these should be moved to an isolated location)
          c. If you are arranging multiple shipments - Separate accordingly
   3.   Packers will individually wrap items in paper pads as needed for protection.
   4.   Items will be boxed and placed into Wooden Liftvans (crates) or a Steamship Container.
         dependent on the size or destination location of your move.
   5.   It is your responsibility to ensure that all items are packed. Please be present during the whole packing   
         process and after everything is packed and loaded, make a final tour of the house.
   6.   Sign copies of the Inventory, keep a copy and give a copy to the packers.
   7.   Note all Items of high value on the High Value Inventory, sign and retain a copy.
   8.   After your shipment has been professionally packed and loaded it will be trucked to the port of   
         exit, where it will be loaded onto/into a Steamship or Air Cargo Carrier.
   9.   Space on these vessels will have been booked in advance based on the projected time of arrival      
         at the port of exit.
  10.  Transit time on international shipments will vary based on air/ocean transport and the customs    
         requirements of the country of destination. You may contact your International Relocation   
         Specialist for updates and transit time information.
  11.  After customs clearance has been successfully completed. The destination agent will truck your 
         shipment from the port of entry to their facility. They will then contact you to set up a    
         convenient delivery date.
At anytime during your relocation you will be in contact with your Personal Relocation Specialist for all   
questions, guidance and information.