Given all the usual day-to-day business issues you have to handle, the last thing you need is a stressful relocation. Never fear. We have many years of experience handling international/global relocation ? including international door-to-door relocations ? for all sorts of corporate and commercial enterprises. Our entire customer service efforts are geared to removing as much stress from the relocation process as humanly possible.

Our numerous service partners worldwide and our thorough understanding of international shipping regulations enable us to handle every detail of a relocation smoothly and expeditiously.

We?ll assign you a service coordinator who?ll be your single point of contact throughout the entire relocation process. He or she will work closely with you to answer your questions, allay your concerns, and see that your move is worry-free.

We work only with the country?s premier shipping agents. And we?re free to choose the best agent for your needs, in terms of service, commitment, and price.

Other factors making us an ideal choice for any corporate or commercial relocation include ...
  • move management monitoring
  • automated tracking of shipments
  • technology designed specifically for our industry
  • a price-conscientious attitude reflected in our ongoing cost containment efforts
  • a commitment to handling all shipments with the utmost care
  • full replacement-cost protection
  • efficient and accurate handling of claims
  • quick, expert decision-making, since we?re not the standard, ?big bureaucracy? kind of moving corporation; instead, we operate ?mean and lean?

Our commitment to our corporate and commercial customers may be seen best, perhaps, in our constant reinvestment of capital to improve the company year to year. We?re always looking for ways to upgrade to the latest technology and enhance our processes.

Contact Accelerated International Forwarders and see just how stress-free your corporate or commercial relocation can be.